Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You Got Your Story in my Internet!

Yet another reason I wish I had been able to attend Origins this year (besides playing a lot of VTES, some Shadowfist, and catching Monte Cook's GMing seminar): Mike Stackpole gave a talk on writing in the digital era. What's innovative is not his assertion that publishing and writing are changing in the new media environment, but that the way we structure our stories may need to change.

I liked his invocation of Penny Dreadfuls, in the context of creating stories for people reading on their phones or Kindles or Woeboxes. I'm not sure that I agree with his percentages of story composition (mostly because I think we need to broaden what we offer), but I am pondering the utility of paying more attention to structure in the composition of stories for new media. I like the serial idea quite a lot because authors can use it for subscription writing and can make their stories less predictable and flexible. I think there are exciting possibilities and challenges for writing in this format, and I look forward to trying them!

I withdraw, but first, a nanofiction:

"It's a unicorn horn," the young man said.
"It's a dildo," the old man said.
The young man traced its growth swirls. "Horn. Unicorn."
The old man tapped the worn, rounded tip. "Horn. Pleasure."
Youthful sigh. "Found in woods." Old grumble: "No dead horse."
The woman smiled. "Why not both?"
The faeries giggled knowingly.

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