Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stuff About Writing, and Questions for the Hive Mind

So, writing has been going pretty well the past few weeks. I hit a hiccup with illness this week and have done little since Monday, but hope to get back to it tonight or tomorrow. I can write when feeling tired, but not with a headache; oy!

Aetas Nex is over 15K words, which I think is about a quarter of the novel. I'm about to hit the first major plot tangle and I'm happy about its general progress.

Wrote a short story in a day (see previous blog post); not a great one, but one that at least went from point A to point B. I've doodled a few flash fics, and have been filling the ideas file with possible subjects.

I should be up on Forces of Geek with my first column this week; because it is Week Five of June the editor is inserting new writers along with bios. I will let folks know when it is finally up.

There are a couple of things I would like to query y'all about, to wit:

1) One idea is for a YA fictional blog entitled "Ginny Sterling's Jetpack Future," It's a "retro-blog" from the future (completely unauthorized and using her mother's latest scientific discovery) which combines some space opera and some fable-like tales of the aforementioned future (where there are, indeed, jetpacks). The question is, has anyone heard of something similar? I have done a bit of Googling but found nothing yet.

2) I'm also developing a kinda-meta, kinda-satirical superhero comic (which I think I pitched to my imaginary editor as "Watchmen and The Boys go out and get drunk with Madman") called (quite imaginatively!) "The Force" about a small group of government-sponsored heroes who end up questioning a lot of their ideals and certitudes about their job. I don't suppose anyone knows an artist who is looking for something to do for exposure and experience that might want to do something like this?


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