Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jammin' at the Speed of. . . Paint Drying

A semi-exciting update. Not a lot of new work done in the past few days. Some new ideas, some character notions for the novel, scribbings hither and thither. Life has laid some heavy burdens down on me this past week and I can feel the psychic pressure crushing my creative faculties. But I am working through them, and I will be back to writing tomorrow, getting back to the novel and considering a short project to work on as well. I have been doing more reading and thinking about what I need to do to advance my writing and one of my goals for next week will to put some of my new ideas into practice.

Lilith Saintcrow wrote a good piece discussing how writers should use social networking media. It's worth a look not just for writers but for most artists and for people who work in the public eye. I am going to apply some of her advice to this blog and to my Twitter, which is becoming my writer's chatterbox. For this blog, that includes more book reviews and putting up some of my older writing. I am also working on a writer's resume, and going back into my archives to look at my work (creative work in undergrad, some advocacy and journalism as a grad student, etc.). I also hope to dig up my first published story and either post a link to it or get permission ot put it up as a pdf on the blog. I think I will refrain from putting my NEH grant paper on tropes of transculturation in Colonial America, however.

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