Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Did a Thing. . . .

Well, with more nervousness than I have felt about anything else I've put on the web so far, I announce the publication of my first column for Forces of Geek. I would be grateful if folks could read it and comment. Also, I would appreciate it if people could let me know privately about any writing or thematic issues that come up.

It's a bit long, but as an introduction I think it works. I really wanted to talk about the roots of my SF fandom and the fact that even from the beginning this was much more important to me than a hobby. I want to talk about books and trends in SF from the social angle, and I thought it important to show people how my perspective came about. Hopefully, it is also entertaining.

::deep breath::

I just spent the morning cleaning the column up and doing all the technical posting stuff, but it looks like I did everything correctly. I'm gonna go walk the dogs and do some dishes now, to step back from this.

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