Monday, February 1, 2010

Aetheric Ephemera: In Dubious Battle Edition

So, welcome to my new links post! Aetheric Ephemera is where I point you to some items of interest on These Our Intarwebs, with scintillating comments to provide you with insight and delight. Ready?

1) Folks should go read Charles Tan's take on the Great E-Book Kerfuffle. He makes some points that many others have not, points worthy of thought and debate. Also, take a look around. He is a prince among link-conjurers and has loads of info on SF. It is easy to get lost poking around his blog, but sooooo much fun!

2) Kage Baker has died. I never met her, and have only read a bit of her work, but she sounds like a great person and was admired by many in the field. And I hate, hate, hate the fact that cancer took her. It's really exhausting to watch people get cut down by this stupid condition. It happens far too often. . . .

3) SFSignal has a cool ebook giveaway from Bookview Cafe. DARE you enter?

4) The Cleveland Plain Dealer had a great interview with Bill Watterson today. What was great about it was Watterson's utter lack of pretension. He made something that people loved and were mad for, but lays all of the hullabaloo squarely at their feet. "[T]he work takes on a life of its own. . . " and it is obvious that while he enjoyed creating Calvin & Hobbes he does not lose sleep wondering why they became so popular or if he made the right decision to stop. I really admire that.

I leave you, dear reader, with this one final link. PLEASE, if you ever try this libation, READ THE WARNING LABEL!

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