Friday, July 9, 2010

At Readercon!

I am taking a break, wrestling with hotel internet and trying to find places to plug in my computer in rooms with literally two sockets and a pile of other folks with electronics (who do not seem inclined to share). But it's good so far: four panels so far and three of them were quite excellent. I'll post a write-up tonight. I've seen several luminaries and look forward to kaffeeklatsching with Samuel Delany later (and posing for a new picture, perhaps!).

Issues of authority and genre seem dominant so far, at least in the programming track I'm following. The discussions are compelling because many of the panelists are pushing against the idea of the panel and going into deep territory about what constitutes the literature of SF and how to write about it powerfully and with respect for the sources, while still taking chances with it. John Clute is as always erudite and fun to listen to, and I found a lot to chew on in the panel on New England.

I have seen a few familiar faces, including that of another Ithacan, Stephen Frug. I enjoy people watching at Readercon not just for the famous faces, but for the generally high level of camaraderie that everyone demonstrates. Knots of excited conversation, hugs in the hallways, and engaged audiences in the panels make this a very tight social engagement. I have been pretty shy the past two years but I hope to attend more of the social stuff this year. We'll see how my resolve holds up. . . .

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