Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aetheric Ephemera: Life is a Rubber Rope Edition

1) Jay Lake got some unwelcome news. His cancer decided to be a total dick and latch onto his liver, despite some aggressive chemo. Please send him your support and keep him in your thoughts. It's always a tough fight, and his just got tougher. But he and his family are made of stern, loving stuff, and a lot of us are sending him any good vibes we can muster.

Fuck cancer.

2) Visions of the fantastical year 2000, from the year 1910. (via Jay Lake). Where's MY phono-projector?

3) In other news, roasted drone is the latest taste treat.

4) An interview with Paul Di Filippo about several subjects near to my heart: Readercon, Samuel Delany, and music.

5) Mr. Di Filippo is a big fan of Jules Verne. Here are some good online resources to find out more about this underappreciated grand-père of SF.

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