Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writing Roundup!

Wrote about 500 words on Aetas Nex tonight, and I feel better about just spilling out the next few scenes. Sadly, I am tried beyond belief, so more tomorrow for that.

In other news, I will be a columnist for the website "Forces of Geek" soon. I will let you know when the first column gets posted. The column will run biweekly, and maybe become more frequent later. We'll see.

I am quite happy about this.

I want to get more writing into this blog also, so I am going to start putting up flash- and nanofictions also. They are fabulous exercises and a lot of fun to write, and sometimes I need the reminder that writing can be pure joy.

Here is an older piece to kick things off:

"Truth and Power"

"This spell will make me a god!"

"Of what worth is that?" the old man queried, undistracted from his leathern tome.

Quizzical wrinkles pinched the boy's face. "Worth?! I will rule all!"

A smile shifted twinkling spectacles. "What god rules all? And how much responsibility is theirs?"

Pause. "Gods are still cool. . . " the boy moped.

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