Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Evening

No real writing to speak of tonight. Busy day with baby, bookselling, housework, and then an enjoyable evening of D&D with my wife and close friends. I find that DMing can really spark ideas and a knack for rolling out narratives and figuring out how to make twists and turns useful and entertaining. I like the fact that my creative motion is increasing.

I have a good idea of where the next scene is going but I really want to skip ahead to something more engaging down the line (Chapter Two, essentially), but I want to work out the moment between. I actually surprised myself with one element of the last scene and am I curious what that element will do to the storyline. I should be able to work on that tomorrow evening.

And, as stated before, do feel free to let people know about this. The more readers, the more potential feedback, and I am hoping to stimulate more feedback as the story develops.

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