Monday, August 24, 2009


Lots of things going on, just not a lot of them writerly. A foul flea infestation took up most of my Sunday, and I have been generating piles of ideas for stories (and another novel), and purging them from my head so I can get back to works in progress.

"A Fine Day to Watch the Dragons Die" is coming along. I'll preview a bit of it here later and see what folks think. It's becoming a good challenge to get the point across without a lot of exposition. Desolate landscapes are quite helpful in that regard!

Aetas Nex has gotten a little attention, but as I soon as I write a few sentences something else pops up in my head. I did some revision of a previous scene that was very necessary to situating the characters. I am hoping to get back on track this week now that infestations are under control.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the undead since I wrote my Forces of Geek column last week. There is a lot unsaid in that piece, and as the novel develops I find myself elaborating things I never thought would be necessary, such as how zombies might establish a chain of command, what it would be like to lose your life, come back as an impulsive beast, and eventually regain some of your consciousness. One of the oddest things about most zombie media is that being a zombie is a static condition. What if it developed, and not just in a way that made zombies either more lethal or weaker?

A lot to ponder. More later.

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