Saturday, September 13, 2008


Welcome to my blog. Yeah, it's pretty bare-bones at the moment, but in the coming days and weeks it will begin to fill out.

I started it for a few reasons. First, while I already have a few venues to write in (such as LiveJournal), I needed a more formal place to write, to put out some focused ideas and do something more than complain about the landlord or post witty answers to a meme. To that end, this blog will focus on my major interests and will contain entries that seek to analyze or describe the (non-personal) things that really matter to me. I find that venues such as LJ just do not lend themselves to serious writing, at least for me.

Second, I wanted a more open forum to write in. Here is where I want to put out ideas that people can kick around and engage. I hope that as I get this blog rolling people will find items of interest to read and respond to. We'll see how that goes. . . .

Third, I started it as a place to think about a few very particular things that are about to happen. One of those things is that I am going to be on the Advisory Board of the Superstruct game, a somewhat free-form forecasting MMORG. This appeals to the SF writer in me, and to the game-master, the anthropologist, the social commentator, the political activist, and to the cranky snark monster as well. I will probably make a separate blog for my game entries, but here is where I will talk about metagame issues and my own evolving thoughts on the significance of the project and my part in it.

I also need to start working on things that matter to me, and here is where I want to lay some of that stuff out. Some of that stuff will be creative, and some of it will be analytical. I want to think in the open and I want to write in a manner that forces me to engage with other people. When I get a crazy idea or some thought train comes crashing to a halt, I want a place where I can immediately expose it and be made to confront it, to take it apart and examine what is worthy and what is crap about it.

That is as much of a plan as I have right now.

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